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2017: Prosiding SENAMM X

Pembuatan Filamen Komposit Polypropylene High Impact Berpenguat Serat Rami dengan Mesin Ekstrusi Sederhana

  • Nur Desri Srah Putri, Mardiyati, Rochim Suratman, Steven
September 30, 2019
September 30, 2019


3D printing need high strength filament material to produce durable products. It is needed to develop a new filament material that has high tensile properties and low cost. The aim of this research was to investigate the effect of volume fraction of ramie short fiber on the fiber dispersion, physical properties and tensile properties of high impact polypropylene filament reinforced ramie short fiber. In this research, high impact polypropylene reinforced by 0%, 5%, 10% and 15% ramie short fiber was prepared by using simple extrusion machine with die diameter 1.7 mm and screw speed 40 rpm at temperature 190 C. The volume fraction of filament constituent every one metre length was determined by acid dissolution method. The density and tensile properties of filament was measured refer to ASTM D 2395 and ASTM D 3882. The highest density of filament was obtained for filament that reinforced by 15% ramie short fiber, that is 1.05 g/cm3. Based on acid dissolution method, the filament which reinforced by 5% ramie short fiber had the best fiber dispersion. Polypropylene filament reinforced ramie short fiber is promising to be utilized as 3D printing filament.