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2017: Prosiding SENAMM X

Ekstraksi Dan Pemurnian Organosolv Lignin dari Limbah Serbuk Kayu Meranti

September 30, 2019
September 30, 2019


Organosolv pulping is a promising pathway to extract high purity lignin from biomass. Organosolv pulping are able to produce higher pulp yield and diminished environmental stress as comparred to the kraft pulping. The aim of this research was to investigated the extraction efficiency and purity of organosolv lignin which extracted from meranti wood waste powder with different concentration of ethanol. In this work, meranti wood waste powder were refluxed in ethanol solution with different concentration i.e 0%, 16.6%, 33.3%, 50%, 66.6%, 83.3%, 100% v/v at boiling temperature of the solution for two hours. Purification process were prepared by refluxed the extracted organosolv lignin into aqua dm at 100 0C for two hours. The purity of organosolv lignin were determined by ash content test, volatile content test and klasson lignin. The highest yield were obtained for organosolv lignin prepared by using 83.3% ethanol solution, that is 3.3%. The highest purity of organosolv lignin were obtained for organosolv lignin prepared by using 66.6% ethanol solution, that is 92%.