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2017: Prosiding SENAMM X

Pengaruh Lignin Softwood sebagai Bahan Pengganti Resin Terhadap Kemampuan Proses dan Sifat Mekanik Vulkanisat Tapak Ban

September 30, 2019
September 30, 2019


This study investigated the use of softwood lignin as replacement for resin in tread compound for Public Car Radial (PCR) tire. In this research, 5 phr of natural and synthetic resin were replaced with 5 phr of softwood lignin. The tread samples were prepared by mixing and vulcanization process. The mixing process was conducted by using Banbury mixer at temperature of 115 °C. The compounds were characterized using Rheometer to determine the processing behavior, i.e. viscosity, scorch time, and cure time. Mechanical properties of the vulcanizate were measured by using tensile test according to ISO 37-2005 and hardness test according to ASTM D 2240-15 to determine hardness, modulus 300, tensile break, and elongation break of the vulcanizates. The properties of compound with lignin were compared with compound without lignin as control. As compared to compound without lignin, it was found that compound containing lignin had better scorch time from 16.5 minutes to 17.8 minutes. The tensile test result also showed higher modulus 300 of 17.1% as compared to control sample.