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2017: Prosiding SENAMM X

Studi Metoda Polarisasi Untuk Mengukur Ketahanan Korosi Baja SPCC dengan Deposit Nano Hasil Lapis Listrik Nikel Beraditif Sodium Sitrat

September 30, 2019
September 30, 2019


The refining of crystalline size in nickel deposite as coating layer can improve mechanical and chemical properties of substrate, one of which corrosion resistance. There are several technique to produce nanocrystalline layer on nickel electroplating process such as an addition of sodium citrate as grain refiner. This paper aim to investigate the effect of sodium citrate addition as grain refiner to corrosion resistance on SPCC. The corrosion behavior of SPCC was observed by linear polarization method using 3% NaCl solution. This experiment used watts nickel solution with composition of NiSO4 300 g /L, NiCl4 30 g/L, H3BO3 30 g /L, wetting agent 0.2 cc/ L and sodium citrate 60g/L. Nickel were deposited by direct current using current density on 6 A/cm2 at the acidity level of 5 for 20 minutes by keeping the operating temperature stable at 50°C. Based on the research, the addition of sodium citrate as grain refiner will increasing corrosion resistance on SPCC.